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Antonín Malý  * 1982


Photographer, Artist


Maly works in all different fields of photography.

Mostly, he focuses on photos of art, 

product photography, unique photo-stages and his own artistic projects.

His passion was always to create a space where other artists can grow. 


In his art-works, he uses different sources of light to paint with a digital camera. His post-production techniques are based on 20 years of experiments in the darkroom, Photoshop, and maneuvering the combination of special prints in light boxes; bringing to light a new age sacral photography. 

He creates dramatic light pictures, showing the on-going fight of internal light.

With every exhibition since 2012, he also produces a small batch of 1st edition hats with changeable photos from the series.


And since 2012, he also leaves every year to Spain with his family and dogs to work on his own projects.

He lives in Prague, South Bohemia and anywhere his wheels take him...because he is the Fotofellow to go.



Projects : 


2002 Terezín - MECCA Middle European Colony of Contemporary Arts / photo support / exhibitions / workshops

2002-2006 SMYSLY multi-cultural teenage 

expansion / art / parties / exhibitions

2006 ČVUT leading voluntary subject of photography for students of Architecture

Photo trips / exhibition / individual support

2007 - 1st photo expedition to Spain

Last journey of darkroom and the first digital exploration

2007- 2011 Ajva centrum, o.s, Soběslav,

Freetime activity club and culture support space - events / parties / festivals / courses

2009-2011 Rolnička - Soběslav – tea master / photographer / cultural events / exhibitions

2011 founded Studio Savec, Studio for Art and Vertical Education Concepts, Prague

2016 Opened Fotofellow to go studio

Photo services / production / events

2019 founded Přijedu-odjedu s.r.o.



Individual exhibitions (selection):


2018 Light Wars, Studio Savec, Prague

2016 Golden Brown, Spanish photo collection, O.Nedbal Theatre,Tábor

2012 Wild exhibition, Chateau, Vlčkovice festival

2007 Colorful exhibition, Don Giovanni Hotel, Prague

2007 Sugar and Will, Solnice, Česke Budějovice

2002 Culmination, MECCA, Terezín, 


Group shows (selection):


2013 CZECHPESPHOTO, group exhibition of dog photography

2012 The Outer Circle, show of craft work, Studio Savec, Prague

2009 Prague -Trento, collective photo exhibition

2006  Spanish freax, Louxembourg, countryside photo exhibition


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